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Omega replica watches announced the launch of a new Speedmaster Grey Side of the Moon “Meteorite” (reference number 311. The Omega Speedmaster series, the official timepiece for astronauts on the Apollo 11 mission, is the only watch NASA has used outside the spacecraft and outside the earth’s atmosphere. On July 21, 1969, buzz aldrin was wearing Omega Speedmaster while crossing the surface of the moon.

The Speedmaster series, first launched in 1957 and nicknamed “Moonwatch,” has been celebrating its connection to space travel. Omega Speedmaster series, the moon’s grey profile “” meteorite,” “takes the space theme further, using fragments of actual meteorites as the watch’s dial. For this limited edition piece, cheap Omega replica watches procured slices of the prehistoric gibeon meteorite that landed in southern Africa thousands of years ago. The strip Widmanstatten pattern of sliced meteorites is absolutely stunning, as it occurs naturally in outer space, each dial has a unique pattern, and no two watches are exactly the same. Very similar to the rolex Cellini released at the 2017 international watch and jewelry show in Basel.

Keeping the dial’s space-age theme, Omega Speedmaster “meteorite” has a 44.25mm case made of grey ceramic, while the bezel is refined by Omega’s Ceragold – an 18-karat gold fusion in the process to make a single, seamless piece of ceramics. Ceragold’s particular mixture on Speedmaster “” Meteorite,” “called Sedna, is Omega’s proprietary rose gold mixture that combines gold, copper and palladium to create a unique and highly durable red gold alloy.Powered by the grey side of the moon, the “meteorite” is Omega Replica Watches Review coaxial 9300 movement – coaxial escapement chronograph watch with Si14 Silicium cycloid and vertical clutch. This rock-solid movement is the same as any of the other modern Speedmasters movements, which can be viewed from the base of the Speedmaster’s sapphire exhibition.

There is “the dark side of the moon,” “the white side of the moon,” and even another “the grey side of the moon.” This isn’t even the first Speedmaster to use a meteorite dial. The apollo-soyuz Speedmaster, unveiled at the international watch and jewellery show in Basel in 2010, also has a dial made of sliced meteorites; This particular interpretation, however, is the first time fake Omega replica watch has used Ceragold to make Speedmaster’s speedometer. Although not mechanically new, or entirely original, the gibeon meteorite slice gives Omega Speedmaster the grey moon “” meteorite” “a unique look.