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Omega Tourbillon Replica

Omega Tourbillon 30 I- a 1947 watch and one of the first Omega Tourbillon replica watches ever made in Switzerland. The story behind the watch is impressive. As many of you know, the tourbillon is so-and-so Abraham, 1801 Louis breguet invention (or at least the patents from that year, even if it was not until 1805 that revealed to the public), it is still a pocket watch function for almost 150 years. Today’s almost universal complexity isn’t a throwback to the past. It has always been a feature of ultra-complex works or timekeeping competitions. Surprisingly, the look of the tourbillon wristwatch is closer to our own.

The study tells us that the first tourniquet watch was made by Lip, who created a rectangular tourniquet prototype in 1931-32. Lip, however, is not a Swiss company It’s a prototype, so the first swiss-made tourmaline wristwatch is all odds, not one of the manufacturers you want, like patek philippe, vacheron, Audemars or Breguet. It’s actually the result of Omega’s work.

Of course, we are still talking about the prototype style of the core and watch, because the first commercially available tufeirun watch came from Franck Muller (1984), Audemars Piguet (1986) and Breguet (1988). As early as 1947, however, cheap Omega replcia watches made 12 (and later 13) 30mm manual chain-link cores, named 30i, rotating a tufwheel regulator every 7.5 minutes. These movements is created to take part in the time trial, in Geneva, the typhoon, and test the kit – teddington observatory “watch” category (they do very well, because so far, this movement is still watches of the highest in Geneva test).

Now about the present watch In 1987 Omega discovered seven of the twelve movements and completely rebuilt them, then fitted them in gold and silver uniforms and supplied them to a select group of collectors. But not now. The Omega Tourbillon 30 I really completed in 1947, as a whole – Omega watches the museum store letters shows the illustrations and information will be 30 mm the Tourbillon movement plan, be placed in Best Omega Replica Watches Review and make it become a 13, a 12 in addition to know already.So today’s auction is, in fact, the first made in Switzerland the tourbillon watches (rather than the size of the wrist watch machine core, then remounted), first made in 1947 – and is in good original condition, its steel watchcase and fresh like new.