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First, the best positioning attribute of fake Omega Speedmaster watches and almost all other chronograph tables in the 1960s is its uniform black dial. Panda plan is very attractive, Sedna gold ivory dial and brown dial effect is very good, but it feels Omega is occupied the enemy’s territory – I began to learn. Share from Sedna gold version is another mode of 20 years ago created a precedent.Second, and perhaps more importantly, I have always found that it is a bourgeois move to turn super power into precious metal. Speedmaster, which I thought was still a moderately priced sport watch, is definitely a daily watch. The $18,000 Sedna Gold version is still affordable for a small group of customers, but it doesn’t fit the Speedmaster spirit.

Immediately, I was amazed at the magnificence of Sedna Gold FOIS. It doesn’t look like my watch, but it looks good. One thing I’ve noticed is that the more beautiful the watch is, the easier it is to take pictures, and the pictures here are for themselves. If you ever make eye contact, this is the watch. This is one of the FOIS version (Omega replica watches last year launched another panda dial, the blue and white stainless steel watch case), but the model doesn’t look like myself, watch very familiar feeling, but it provides a new sensory experience For the eyes and touch.

Because they look so different, it’s easy to forget what they have in common. Watchcase (39.7 mm), the size of the external velocity meter scale more than 90, alpha hour hand and the minute hand, alpha and baton pointer on the dial, all Omega remain intact, and no new signal mechanical aspects. Both of these watches are powered by a manual chain of lymanya (1861), which is not the heart of Walter Schirra’s watch, but the core of cheap Omega replica watches, which has been in use since 1968.However, it is very important to change. Omega decided to use gold instead of any kind of gold, copper and palladium unique and property combinations to achieve a warm color between red and pink. To complement it, Omega created a brown ceramic baffle, which again provides a slight difference, and then USES straight black ceramics.

And since it is gold, in addition to its distinctive appearance, one of the most disturbing features of the wristwatch is its weight. As expected, the Sedna Gold version feels heavy on the wrist, which is not what most Speedmaster owners are accustomed to. The vast majority of these timing clock (and there are a lot of changes) are all made of stainless steel, if you before through a classic, so you have almost worn them all (when you compare the pre watchcase, the moon and Omega Replica Watches Swiss Movement but under normal circumstances, all reasonable size Speedmasters provides experience of similar wearing).