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In Omega’s many glorious historical moments, 1957 has a special significance, in that year, Omega also released three
professional timepieces: Omega Hippocampus 300 watch, Omega Teva watch and Omega Super watch. 60 years later, Omega launched
three classic watch limited edition suits, to the 1957 three classic legendary watch tribute, the world is only available
for sale 557 sets. Three watch with Swiss oak material carefully crafted gift box bearing, engraved with limited edition
number. The box is also equipped with a dedicated leather watch collection, including six spare leather strap (three leather
strap and three NATO NATO military strap), and a wooden spring rod strap replacement tool. (Watch model:

Omega through digital scanning technology, access to the original watch in 1957 high-precision images, and then with the
original watch hand-painted design, for the new commemorative edition watch provides a design template, to achieve the
greatest degree of reduction 60 years ago three classic Watch design. In order to adapt to the 21st century modern
aesthetics, the new commemorative edition of the final design in the inheritance of traditional inner essence and external
appearance at the same time with the original watch there are nuances.

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The new Omega Hippocampus 300 – 60 anniversary limited edition 39 mm watch prototype equipped with CK2913 movement of the
Omega Hippocampus 300 watch, this section of the watch once launched, by virtue of its classic design (black dial, wide
arrows Pointer, two-way rotating diving bezel and embedded triangle hour scale) as a diving watch in the model for. The new
Omega Seamaster 300 watch equipped with Omega 8806 to Zhen astronomical movement, the appearance still retains the original
design of the watch concept.

Watch with 39 mm stainless steel case, the case after polishing and frosted, black aluminum bezel for the two-way rotating
bezel, rotating bezel for diving time, measuring the actual time. Watch with “tropical” style dial, dark dial with a
luminous coating with a triangle when the time scale and the Arabic numerals time standard, the central area with the same
covered with luminous coating of light arrow pointer.

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Watch stainless steel screw-in crown fine exquisite, side with anti-skid texture treatment, the top of the Omega brand logo.
The crown retains the famous Naïad logo, which in 1957 represents the watch with excellent water resistance. Stainless steel
strap after a new upgrade, more durable, more unique beauty, clasped engraved with retro style “OMEGA” logo.

The new Omega Hippocampus 300 watch – 60 anniversary edition limited edition 39 mm watch back engraved with a classic
hippocampus logo, this logo in full accordance with the 1957 edition carefully drawn. Watch carrying Omega 8806 to Zhen
astronomical movement, and provide up to four years after-sales service guarantee. Watch with 300 meters waterproof.

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Summary: The new Omega Seamaster 300 watch – 60 anniversary limited edition 39 mm watch for the Omega 2017 Basel watch show
new, can be purchased separately (limited to 3000), the official offer for 52,500 RMB. You can also choose to beautifully
gift box carrying three classic watch limited edition suits.