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Based on its current design, Best Omega Replica Watches Review  introduced the platinum or gold precious metal case seahorse 300, complete with malachite and lapis lazuli dial. The basic specifications and dimensions of the seahorse 300 remain the same here, with a diameter of 41mm, a shell height of 14.65mm and, of course, 300 m waterproof. The main change in the new model is the material. The case can be selected from platinum or 18k gold, as well as Malachite (green) or Lapis lazuli (blue).

Special surface treatments continue, including an 18k Sedna gold rotor and balance bridge, black screws, rollers and cycloidal wheels, and Geneva stripes. Calibre 8913 is a two-cylinder automatic core with a 60-hour power reserve of 25,200 BPH, coaxial escapement longitudinal system, silicon filament, magnetoresistance up to 15,000 gauss, and fast setting hours. To cancel the entire precious package, according to your choice of case metal, the hand is 18k platinum or 18k gold.

I think the Seamaster 300 itself is already Omega’s most beautiful diving watch, its surface polishing treatment and its smaller shell size, so many people may use the fake¬†Omega Seamaster 300 watches as a diver. In fact, at my last wedding, I wore my Seamaster 300 leather wristband. Although I do think these precious metals and dial materials are a little bit more useful than the top, I really like them.

On this watch design (at least) in the press photos, Lapis lazuli and Malachite dial is very good, although it is not what I buy for yourself, but I do like Malachite and Lapis lazuli provide additional colors and personality. Given its high-end material mix, the watch is certainly suitable for a niche buyer, but I have no doubt that cheap Omega replica watches will still find customers for it. I prefer lapis lazuli, because I was a huge sucker for blue, but found on watch green is the color of a rare (and even seldom found it do well), and malachite is a unique appearance.

In my opinion,Omega replica watches used materials again in a very interesting way in this version and created a really compelling (though expensive) pair. If you are a diver material combination, Seamaster 300 Malachite and Lapis lazuli supply will begin in October this year, starting at about $35000, for 18 k gold Malachite dial, dial platinum Lapis Latin America as much as $69100.