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Omega new super series
Omega new super series

If a series of iconic to reflect the pioneer spirit of Omega, super series is absolutely deserved. Super series was born in 1957, in addition to the high level of professional timing, the astronauts with the implementation of several space exploration mission, and witness the human 6 times on the moon experience, enough to make future generations admire. As a highly recognizable chronograph watch, Omega Speedmaster watch has long been world-renowned.

Omega Speedmaster watch in the design of a major innovation is the timing of the speed cycle from the chronograph watch position to move to the bezel above, more convenient racing driver speed timing. Since 1964, the “curved ear” design not only makes the super series has a striking shape, but also can play to protect the asymmetric case on the crown and timing button role. Super watch watch sturdy and durable, can withstand severe vibration and impact, minimalist dial classic classic design of the three small dial watch has an extraordinary experience when reading. After 60 years of development and innovation, this year, the new super series 38 mm watch shine debut, and then continued the legendary brand chronograph watch.

The new series of 38 mm watch not only retains the super series has always been the essence of the essence and iconic appearance, but also into a number of simple and unique aesthetic elements, and watch the size and color on the well-designed, people put it down.

The new super series 38 mm watch watch with a unique double bezel design, without affecting the super series watch speed and timing function under the premise of the outer bezel inlaid diamonds, so that the shiny shiny diamond and super Pa’s movement pioneer spirit perfect fusion; inner layer with aluminum speed circle. Dial with a horizontal oval small dial, this inspiration from the early Omega disc flying watch design. 6 o’clock position with a vertical oval calendar window, it is bright.

Watch the screw-in table back embossed Omega iconic hippocampus badge pattern, equipped with internal Omega 3330 coaxial movement, with Si14 silicon material gossamer without card balance hairspring balance wheel, and the Swiss official Observatory certification, providing 52 Hour power reserve. Watch waterproof performance of 100 meters.

Bright colors, vibrant appearance can be said that the new super series 38 mm maximum features. This nickname “cappuccino” watch because of its new color is particularly noticeable. Watch with stainless steel and Sedna ® 18K gold case, equipped with two-color dial. Hour scale and pointer made with Sedna® 18K gold. Watch with gray-brown leather strap, 尽显 exquisite modern sense.

Blue quiet and cool Qinjin people, this watch with stainless steel case, the sun-ray polished ice blue dial, with polished matte steel bracelet, so watch the table particularly dazzling. Hour scale, hour hand, minute hand and second hand are treated with rhodium-plated, timing indicators are presented in blue.

Green and yellow exquisite dynamic combination, this watch case with stainless steel and 18K gold material, with a light silver dial. Hour scale, hour hand, minute hand and small dial of the second hand are made of 18K gold, timing indicators are covered with green lacquer.

Refreshing white against the background of a touch of rose powder, elegant and pure people put it down. This watch uses a stainless steel case, hour scale, hour hand, minute hand and small dial of the second hand are treated with rhodium-plated, timing indicators are covered with rose pink. White mother of pearl dial with a horizontal oval diamond trim on the small dial.

The combination of black and gray reproduction of the classic watch design, the use of stainless steel case, with a sun-polished gray dial, low-key deep, hour scale and pointer are treated with rhodium-plated.

Since 1957 Omega launched the first super so far, its participation and witnessed a number of human landing moon miracle. In 60 years time, super series watch never stopped the pace of exploration, with a section of the times with the fine time for people to provide more reliable and reliable watch performance. The new super-series 38 mm watch, its simple and modern appearance met classic design, a new style, different materials and colors with up to 14 watch selection, filling the super watch extraordinary style, Worthy of today’s timing watches in the benchmark for.