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Harry Winston – An interview with Nayla Hayek, CEO of Harry Winston

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The highlight not long from now is the advancement of the exceptionally credible Harry Winston watch accumulation, and we figured out how to do it much speedier than anticipated. In parallel, we further put into the Replica Watches UK adornments creation and will keep on strengthenning it. The great advancement we made with both favored the opening of a couple of chose new stores.

A year ago we had the capacity exhibit the first Harry Winston watch gathering truly delivered by us – it was very much a test to accomplish this in such a brief while. It was a decent accumulation but, in my eyes it required some all the more adjusting. Not long from now, time was all the more on our side permitting us to have an additional take a gander at the points of interest at every venture of the generation, be it cases, wrist trinkets or the setting of precious stones. I think we are on the right way with the watch accumulation today, having the capacity to present our clients an adjusted watch gathering with some exceptional pieces.


Harry Winston has dependably been a solid brand for men’s watches. We took after along these created lines for the men’s accumulation, fortifying it with our own particular thoughts. In the meantime this issued us of a chance time to create items for ladies – littler items particularly intended for women. So not long from now these littler watches with little entanglements have been extremely generally welcomed by the businesses, especially in Asia.

In the domain of men’s watches, Harry Winston is acclaimed for two specific models, the Histoire de Tourbillon and Opus arrangement. We have seen a 6th model in the Histoire de Tourbillon accumulation at Baselworld. Will you affirm that the Opus arrangement will likewise proceed?

Yes, the Opus arrangement will proceed. The astute identities adding to the Opus thoughts generally originate all things considered, and we will keep it that way. We would like to incorporate autonomous makers. They will obviously advantage from the modern quality and aptitude of the Swatch Group to breath new life into their thoughts.

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