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The word tresor means “treasure” in French, and it is the name of Omega’s new women’s watch series. In fact, a subset of the dwyer family is not a new name, but for Omega, they are new in other ways. The Omega De Ville Trésor ladies replica watches use a variety of case materials, dial color and strap, with a variety of sizes and styles. All include diamonds, but the stainless steel option helps keep prices more reasonable for more people.

The name Tresor seems natural and appropriate for a woman’s watch, but the Omega De Ville Trésor has been around since 2014 as a limited edition of men’s watches that have been overlooked. The lady version has also been added, but it’s a retro look with the men’s version. Omega explains that before 2014 De Ville Trésor, the word was first used in the 1949 watch to refer to the sport – I guess, the “treasure” inside. This is somewhat ironic, since the quartz movement in the new fake Omega De Ville Trésor ladies’ watch is not really stressed or special. On the other hand, the 2014 version of Omega De Ville Trésor does have an impressive movement of the Omega main axis chronometer (or whatever it is now called).

The 2017 Omega De Ville Trésor uses the 4061 quartz movement in a variety of Omega ladies’ watches to keep them slender, narrow, quartz precise and free of obstacles. It has 48 months of battery life, and “rhodium plated parts and the red circle pattern Omega logo” – although this Omega De Ville Trésor mirror and laser surface using solid rear cover, etched flowers design.The round case is 39mm (9.75mm thick) or 36mm (8.85mm thick), polished steel or 18K Sedna gold and a variety of dial colors – now it looks like the Sedna gold version is only 36 mm. Watchcase flow on both sides of the diamond shape and slender Roman numerals and slender hands formed copy Omega De Ville Trésor ladies’ watches the overall appearance, but the details are like the crown of red “liquid ceramic” flower in the middle of the diamond design is more delicate and satisfactory – at least in my opinion. The Omega crown is polished by “HyCeram” to make it more “shiny”.

I personally think that swiss movement Omega De Ville Trésor replica watches look very elegant and fresh – although I can’t put them as a gift to buy back, in spite of this, in theory, one of the excellent mechanical action of Omega is more interesting to me. Currently only in the United States and Japan.