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For the 2017 Basel international watch and jewellery show, we hope Omega will be as faithful as possible to the original 1957 Speedmaster CK2915. In fact, that’s probably the case, if you look at the previous watches that the brand is showing, they’re all based on historical models. Remember in 2012, Omega launched a retro version called Europe’s number one AAA Omega Replica. The watch is actually based on CK2998 that Walter’Wally’Schirra wore on 3 October 1962 during Mercury’s ‘Sigma 7’ mission. The watch is an astronaut’s property and the first Omega to reach space.

Compared with the classical Moonwatch, 2012 Speedmaster FOIS showed impressive evolution: smaller diameter (39.7 mm), straight table ears, no crown protection, specific Alpha pointer, application of Ω logo and dial with a few inscriptions. This numbered version (unrestricted, still in the directory) opens the door to an upcoming history-based model. Later, in 2015,fake Omega replica watch launched the gold panda edition, and finally, at the 2016 Basel international watch and jewellery show, they launched CK2998, the same retro-styled 39.7mm case, based on the old “” lollipop” “watch but with a modern blue dial and ring (ceramic).

What about our predictions? For Speedmaster 60 th Anniversary, we are looking forward to cheap Omega replica watches use the same “straight” case of restoring ancient ways, but there are more faithful. As a result, we recovered the 39.7mm fine steel case with straight and bevel lugs, protruding buttons and crown, polished flat and drawn case. What is the use of the new extensive arrowhead hand (hours and minutes), the metal second hand, the white Alpha hand of the three sub-counters, the minimalist logo and inscription and the matte dial (which certainly won’t be trampled). Just for the occasion, the inscription “1957-2017” can be added. Now at outside, we hope that this may have with the original Speedmaster 60 th Anniversary of the 1957 Speedmaster CK2915 circle of the same table, this means that a drawing steel bezel, engraved with the speedometer calibration scale and black “tachymetrebase1000” (the original).

What are our main dreams for  luxury fake Omega sports watches Speedmaster’s 60th anniversary? Something sure isn’t going to happen, but it’s probably just too cool: the relaunched column-wheel movement 321 (based on Lemania). This is certainly still a dream, as Speedmaster has not used this kind of movement since the late 1960s, when the brand launched 145.022 with a cam-operated movement of 861. Because all version based on the 39.7 mm, we may Speedmaster 60 th Anniversary simply equipped with 1861 manual chain movement… But who knows, we can all do some dreaming.