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CEO of Hublot, influential figure in Swiss Replica Watches making, Jean-Claude Biver, 65, is driven by a passion and a clear philosophy of life. Portrait. Behind his laugh broke Stainless his kidnapped verb, popu phrasing, there is a marketing genius, a pro communication and image. Some say he could sell ice to Eskimos, as it is convincing. Jean-Claude Bi worm makes it a giant Swiss watch series. The passion pegged to the body.

Weapons furbished in Aude March Piguet and Omega Replica. Re facer Blancpain. A new crossing at Omega before becoming, since June 2004, the CEO of Hublot. Once core, collecting success – fruit of hard work and digested failures – it makes the brand grow at full speed. Swiss Hublot Watches invests mar kets around the world. The factory, based in Nyon since November 2009, binds to the sports world. “Go where the customer can be.” He is the first to bring a luxury watch brand in football, becoming a sponsor for the Euro and World Cup.

A philosophy of life

At present, the watch is connected one of its challenges. The contractor 65, now head of the watchmaking division of the LVMH group – which includes TAG Heuer, Zenith and Hublot, which remains the president of the board – are a father can be presented early 2016, if not already end 2015. Working bulimic: “We must apply the Tibetan saying:” When you arrived at the summit continues to climb “In life, it is never at the top every day, you have to start over..” Cowardly Jean Claude Biver. His habits, alarm clocks to alen towers 4am. Not per dre time. Always between two planes, two continents, he held to a flawless lifestyle. “If you are not strong in the head, you do not have an iron that you eat and drink on the plane, you’re dead. You stay sober because you have a job. Sport is one of my existential philosophies. ”

Behind the image returned by Jean-Claude Biver, there is a phi losophy. That of sharing. Dice described as full, honest and faithful, he forgets ja but his family, his base. One evening, came to the Manor Farm in Nyon for a conference, of Hublot stopped in the middle, after looking at his watch, “I’ll stop there because I promised my family that I will be with them tonight for supper. But I promise I’ll be back. ” Few people authorized to do so, to cut their intervention to exit the assistance. Once again, Jean-Claude Biver had said with a smile, per son wanted to do it. The man stood out from his peers. “Being first, different and united that.” His precept, that of Hublot. He is a creator, not a follower. Do better, do otherwise.

“It is unique”

“Jean-Claude Biver has an unbeatable radiation, a visionary and a great strength of conviction. It is innate. Impossible to imitate, reported Ricardo da Gua lupe, Hublot CEO since 2012, in December in “Agefi”. It is unique. Some people turn to him are being led like him, it did not work. ” Born in Luxemboug, arrived in Switzerland to 10 years, Jean-Claude Bi worm says patriot. Defender of “swiss made” his lover due, traditions. It is also a reagent, the speed at which it answers his emails to prove it. In February it will be in China and will be present at the event “Personality Coast.” An appointment he can not move. He apologized, thanked the invitation, this place finish.

The time may well be on his side, he can not do everything. But retirement wait. “Time is an ally with him I am improves. Thus, entrepreneurs can not retire at 60, 62 or 65 years old. The retreat today is 80 or 85 years. So this age , an entrepreneur learns, progresses and increases its value. “He expects sunny days. “That’s why I work. Tomorrow should always be better than today, but less so after tomorrow.”