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Popular options for luxury fake Omega sports watches include aviator watches, diving watches, nautical watches and racing timepieces. Today, however, we are looking for a space wristwatch – the omega professional “Moonwatch” chronometer. While there are many versions of the Omega Speedmaster that have nothing to do with space exploration, its lunar watch is one of the most famous superpowers of all.

This is not surprising, of course, because Omega Speedmaster replica watch is the first wristwatch to land on the moon on Buzz Aldrin’s wrist. Since 1969, omega has been celebrating this feat and passing the next iteration of the legendary moon watch, including the Speedmaster ref. 3570.50. In fact, Speedmaster ref.3570.50 is one of the closest to the original Moonwatch model. Let’s take a look at their formidable Omega collection.

The modern Omega Speedmaster “Moonwatch” ref.3570.50 first appeared in 1996 as an alternative to the early Speedmaster ref. 3590.50. Omega produced the Speedmaster ref. This all stainless steel Omega Replica Watches Review chronometer uses 42mm dial, black tachometer ring and black dial as well as three auxiliary dial for the chronometer function until less than 20 years in 2014. As a tribute, this particular Speedmaster watch has several similarities to the original Moonwatch. First, like the first Moonwatch in the 1960s, the Speedmaster ref is powered by the Speedmaster ref. 3570.50 is a manual chain mechanical core. Although buzz aldrin’s moon watch RACES in California. With a frequency of 321 at 18,000 BPH, the honorific Speedmaster USES a manually wound Calibre 1861 chronometer core at a speed of 21,600 BPH.

Another important similarity between the original Omega Moonwatch and the more modern Speedmaster ref. 3570.50 is Hesalite crystal, A.K.A. Organic glass protects the surface of the watch. Eschew modern sapphire crystals for Hesalite, emphasizing cheap Omega replcia watches as close to the real Moonwatch as possible. Also, like the old Moonwatch, the Omega Speedmaster is a reference. 3570.50 also has a solid bottom cover instead of a transparent one. In addition, the emphasis on the historical lineage of the watch was proudly displayed on the steel shield: by NASA for all space missions – and then the first watch to be seen on the moon.While there are many other Speedmaster Professional chronometers with automatic cores, sapphire crystal mirrors and transparent cover, the Speedmaster Moonwatch is a reference. 3570.50 remained unapologetically faithful to the man who had landed on the moon. It’s a really good thing to have such a legacy.