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Although I am very clear in the watch home, Cartier does not have a high voice. But in the domestic secondary market,

the situation is just the opposite. Cartier card Replica Watches China calendar Bo, including the recent period of time frequently appear

card calendar diving table, and after drilling card calendar Bo, are bought “in full swing.” Cartier card calendar Bo

diving table is the most attractive place is “new”. This is a new type of new diving watch. From the watch’s bezel,

case, movement, the configuration represents the current diving table in the field of mainstream configuration. The

card calendar is a rare dive watch that does not use a ceramic bezel but uses an ADLC carbon coated bezel. The whole

watch passed the ISO6425 standard, there is no doubt that a professional diving watch. At the same time the use of

Cartier production 1904MC movement, double barrel to the watch provides a strong torque, to maintain high swing. Also

was very attractive at that time there are crown on the blue spinel, very beautiful. All this looks perfect, but the

biggest disadvantage of the watch is that it is a Rolex submariner with two opponents. We can for the dive watch the

key components of the two watches for a simple comparison.

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Case: two watches are steel, Rolex is 904 steel, card calendar Bo is 316 steel, in fact, not much difference.

Bezel 14060M is aluminum ring, card calendar Bo is ADLC plated bezel, ADLC coating similar to the diamond coating,

increase the bezel hardness, which is the new Luxury Replica Watches technology in recent years. Card calendar Bo’s bezel configuration


Waterproof level: Rolex 14060M is 300 meters waterproof professional diving watch. Card calendar Bo diving table is

also 300 meters waterproof professional diving table, card calendar through the ISO6425 international standard

certification, this certification contains more than 20 (I remember) test, very strict, with credibility.

Movement: Rolex 14060M 31XX series movement and Cartier card calendar Bo’s 1904MC movement, Rolex 31XX advantage lies

in the top of the Observatory, and a good reputation.

The blue spinel crown is very beautiful and very eye-catching. In the 14060M and card calendar diving table the same

price of the second choice, there will be two solutions, and there are good reasons.

1, according to second-hand table “buy new do not buy the old” buy table theory, we should choose Cartier card calendar

diving table. Because it is a new diving watch in the sale. Cartier’s brand awareness and Rolex is not much difference,

the brand value is also relatively high; card calendar diving watch appearance is entirely the current aesthetic trend,

hand decent; watch itself configuration is very high, technical performance is better. One can see is the new watch, so

at the same price, you can go to the card calendar Bo diving table.

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2, according to the previous generation 14060M and the current 114060 in the sale of the appearance of the same line

(in addition to clasp, crown shoulder Buy Replica Watches pads, bezel and other subtle differences), and use the same movement (in addition

to subtle differences in hairspring), so 14060M can be 114060 substitutes, so you can choose 14060M. As long as after

the official maintenance of Rolex, even the production of the earlier 14060M can also achieve a new state of the past.

So all the way in 114060 higher now, 14060M cost is high.

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The previous generation of water ghost 14060 / 14060M clasp is the old section of the striped clasp, which is the most

intuitive way to identify the old and new water ghosts. I am clear that any comparison and selection must have a

result, no choice of results is meaningless. So I first told my “results” to tell you.

I really like the Cartier card calendar Cheap Replica Watches diving table (I am also a laborer), because I think this is a technology

(professional diving table) and art (small three needles, spinel, disk details) together Of the diving table, and

Cartier brand value is also very strong. I have had a lot of impulses to buy Cartier’s table, but every time my family

will keep me down, because the family will say “rolex forever”. Two watches like the ends of the balance, when they are

in a balanced position, this sentence will become backwards Rolex’s external force. So, I really will take a 14060M,

and then sent it to the service.