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In the hearts of the majority of table fans, “grooved bezel” is a very domineering decorative appearance, nor is unique to a particular brand watches. Recalling the history of clocks and watches, the reason will appear on the grooved bezel, originally for the convenience of watchmaker or repair the watch under the tutelage of positive early waterproof case open. With advances in AAA+ replica watches technology, grooved gradually evolved into watch decoration, and even a brand of the most famous characteristic appearance.

So, when this is named “Pa statue (Globemaster)” Omega replica watches Latest watches available, the parrot without understanding them and wickedly who have broken from the mouth read out a “like” word, they know where, in the end who like who is not clear yet.
1952 Omega Constellation watches, turned out to watch one of the series and today it is the most famous in the world. The first generation of Constellation watch collectors population was nicknamed: “Qu ears, face gossip, word flies,” I simply come to explain the jargon: “Music ear” – bending lugs, “nosy face” – – officially known as “pie pan” dial-shaped pan upside down, “flies the word” – a paper airplane-shaped hour markers. Then add: the first generation of Constellation watch collection but top grade. Constellation series was born sixteen years later, 1968 Chronology circle Omega Constellation watch with grooved decorative appearance of the constellation large family product line has become increasingly diverse. Not difficult to see the latest statue Pa 2016 Omega watch exterior is a combination of 1952 and 1968, the culmination of two generations of the Constellation watch. Exterior Traditional statue Pa retro, the “heart” on behalf of today’s most cutting-edge watchmaking technology – to attain movement Observatory.

Omega Constellation replica watches owner knows that he’s on the back of the watch engraved with eight stars. Eight stars represent the Omega movement in the 1940s and 1950s created the eight most important record accuracy, respect tyrants watch’s back there eight stars, in addition to representatives of their glorious past, but also a symbol of access “to attain chronometer certification” 8 stringent testing standards that must be adopted – that is METAS (Swiss Federal Institute of measurement) certification process. Due to limited space, the rules regarding METAS certification process no longer expand, it can easily be found.

Our life is full of a variety of magnetic fields: mobile phones, televisions, speakers, computer, computer room, anesthesia machines, high-speed rail, aircraft Pa …… watch respect to these magnetic fields are not set eyes on it. Because it knows that no kind of magnetic field on Earth can take it how. Pa statue of magnetic capacity of up to 15,000 gauss, and back through the case, you get a glimpse of the movement does not affect every move. Pa statue of the case slim, smooth, has a calendar; unlike traditional soft magnetic iron table set, not only do not see the movement, the abolition of the calendar (not as soft iron sleeve openings), the case also changed relatively thick. Especially the traditional magnetic table with respect magnetic Pa compared not so, the presence of weakness, once into the strong magnetic fields at once true form.

No wonder the Swatch Group CEO– • Nick Hayek said: “The pioneering spirit means having the courage of pioneering and innovative, pioneering spirit is part of the historical heritage of Omega, as a pioneer of Olympic timing, Omega replica uk decided the outcome of the game as. lunar exploration pioneer, leading the Omega pace of human progress. with the new launch to attain chronometer certification system, as well as superior technology and superior technology respect tyrants watch, Omega is a breakthrough for the Swiss watchmaking industry has set a new accuracy standard! “

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