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Buy Omega Speedmaster Replica Watches

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The day-to-day error is between +0 and +5 seconds, and even if exposed to the 15,000 Gaussian magnetic field, it is possible to maintain a high accuracy of normal operation, which is the ultra-practical experience brought by the Omega to the Observatory. From the first of the Omega to the dawn of the Observatory watch the beginning of the watch, to Zhen astronomical movement has begun to promote the major series of Omega. Today, to Zhen astronomical movement also entered the most legendary series of Omega series.

Super as the watch industry’s most outstanding chronograph watch one, accompanied by astronauts 4 times on the moon’s legendary experience, let itself become high-quality and precision endorsement. And in the possession of the Astronomical Observatory after the certification, so that this super-moon phase to Zhen astronomical table more impeccable.

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Omega 9904 self-winding chronograph movement consists of 368 parts. Equipped with longitudinal wheel timing device and coaxial escapement. Movement and watch through the Swiss Federal Institute of Metrology (METAS) approved “to Zhen astronomical table table” certification procedures for testing. Can withstand up to 15,000 Gaussian strong magnetic field interference. Equipped with a silicon gossamer without card count hairspring balance wheel, two series of barrel, two-way automatic winding system. Center hour hand, minute hand and chronograph second hand, small second hand, calendar pointer, 12 hour timer dial and 60 minutes chronograph small dial, moon phase display. The rhodium-plated plywood is decorated with a Polish-style Geneva ripple.

After obtaining this super-series phase to the astronomical table (model: 304., we also carried out a 6-position accuracy test, the error is very small, fully meet the date The error is between +0 and +5. And its six-position swing values ​​are relatively high, which should also be the reason for its precise travel time. Omega 9904 movement equipped with two barrel, but the power reserve is limited to 60 hours, to increase its power supply, increase the swing value to ensure its accuracy.

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Dark blue dial with solar rays polished, with rhodium-plated hour scale. And 3 o’clock position unique time minutes, clocked small dial corresponding to its 9 o’clock small seconds, and date display small dial. Unique double needle layout, but when reading is still clear.

Hour scale and the middle of the three indicators are attached to the luminous coating, to ensure that the time in the dark to read.

The moon phase shows the use of microstructured metal crystal discs, the pattern is selected by the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) shot the moon photos, the details of the surface of the moon portrayed lifelike, to reproduce the real scene of the moon surface. Under scrutiny, you can even see astronauts leave a footprint on the moon. Unlike the normal moon phase display, this moon phase display with a high-precision mechanical device, running 10 years to be adjusted once.

There are 8 different materials matching color watch, we get the hand is the steel material blue watch, 44.25 mm case diameter, dial, bezel and strap are made of dark blue very beautiful.

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Crown operation feel comfortable, time, date display and moon phase can be rotated through the crown debugging. Crown on the bottom of the timing button under pressure feel heavy.

As the mirror with a convex mirror, an increase of the side of the watch thickness, worn in the wrist is very texture.

Made of Omega’s original Liquidmetal® technology, the blue ceramic bezel with speed scale is rugged.

Blue crocodile leather strap, white pressure line with stainless steel folding clasp, easy to wear.

Summary: equipped with Omega 9904 self-winding chronograph movement is definitely the timing of today’s watches for the benchmark. Not only practical, moon phase display also makes the watch more beautiful. At the same time, access to the astronomical station certification not only in the travel time accuracy has improved, its 15,000 Gaussian high magnetic security guarantee also let the watch in the daily use of peace of mind. This blue steel case of the super series to the astronomical table table price of 76,000 RMB. As a technology to reach the industry’s top level of the moon phase watch, the price is very high, worth buying.