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While it never flew to the moon or kept time on 007’s wrist, the Omega Railmaster Replica is a practical, straightforward watch to wear on the job.

When the Railmaster debuted in 1957, it was the latest expression of a longstanding relationship between Omega and the railroads.Early Railmaster copy watches were equipped with a special double case that could protect the movement against the adverse effects of electrical fields up to an intensity of 1,000 gauss.

The q replica watches case is 40 mm in diameter and resists water pressure to 150 meters. The Naiad Lock system ensures that the back always fits exactly, which also contributes to its aesthetic appeal.A leather lining on the underside of the strap enhances its comfort on the wrist, while the herringbone pattern of the fabric and the metal grommets around the holes in the tongue recall the robust quality of work clothes.

The Fake Omega Railmaster is inarguably a sturdy fellow. Although its design isn’t especially sophisticated or innovative, this watch has stood the test of time and has proven itself to be a practical, reliable and understated, but still elegant companion that you can enjoy wearing both at work and after the workday is over.

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