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Because often play, there is severe vibration, it is not with a mechanical Omega Seamaster replica watches.

TAG Heuer and others who are hovering between brands too, until the opportunity to accompany the others once in a while on a business trip to buy a table, accidentally saw the hippocampus Omega Seamaster replica watches 007 series.

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At that time Omega Seamaster replica watches 007 is purely mechanical fully automatic, and this looks basically the same, but quartz, fits my needs
After the micro knife, win, until the first show today, not very common with this, except to go out to play outside.

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The fit is very, very comfortable. The only form of strip is not satisfied, every year a half load of what you need to wash polishing strap, or really can not read.
Currently not dive with the Omega Seamaster replica watches over the water, hoping to one day be able to really play it Omega Seamaster replica watches ability ~