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Omega, a Swiss Omega replica watches brand now flourishing either watch from the positioning, brand awareness, sales and watch technology products are among the best in the entire watch area is one of the highest brand awareness by, It is enough to explain the success of Omega replica. Watch House today will bring is a tasting Omega Seamaster Planet Ocean Omega replica watch GoodPlanet GMT, the official watch model:

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To pay tribute to Omega and “Beautiful Planet” (GoodPlanet) Foundation meaningful partnership, the brand will devote himself to environmental commitment and innovative combination of watchmaking, specially created GoodPlanet GMT Seamaster Planet Ocean Omega replica watches. Omega replica has donated part of the proceeds from the sale of this watch, the Southeast Asian region as a protected mangroves and algae provide full funding of public projects.

The Omega Seamaster Planet Ocean GoodPlanet GMT watch with a diameter of 43.5 mm design, case for the steel used to build the case, polished blue bidirectional rotating bezel with bright orange GMT scale.

To build the case with brushed stainless steel processing, beautiful and stylish, it can ensure that the watch is not affected by scratches when worn. Watch crown the same used for the steel material to build, and on the crown engraved with classic Omega replica “Ω” LOGO.

To Omega replica watches with a blue rubber strap, sewn by white silk, soft and comfortable to wear
Watch case angular, Omega replica watches ten o’clock position with helium escape valve, which is designed to help the helium inside the watch discharged from the pressure relief system for professional divers who wear design in cabin pressure. From a design can be seen is a professional watch waterproof watch.
Watch with arc-shaped double-sided anti-reflective sapphire crystal abrasion resistant design, bright orange aluminum GMT pointer on the dial so that the wearer can record time dual time zone. Watch the 3 o’clock position with date display, simple and practical.

Watch with a sapphire crystal case back, transparent case back through this, we can clearly see the movement inside the watch running, the watch is powered by Omega’s own internal coaxial 8605 self-winding movement, with more lasting excellent accuracy and stability. GMT dual time zone display. No card is equipped with a silicon hairspring balance wheel and connections arranged double barrel, two-way automatic chain system can shorten the time on the chain. Rhodium balance cock and automatic thallium, movement surface by luxury treatment, decorated with unique Arabian style Genève.

Summary: The Omega replica Planet Ocean GoodPlanet GMT watch, particularly the work to GoodPlanet Foundation and its efforts to protect the global environment and marine ecosystems made tribute. Pledged to donate part of the proceeds from the sale of Omega replica Seamaster Planet Ocean watch GoodPlanet GMT, the Southeast Asian region as a protected mangroves and algae provide full funding of public projects, this project more collaborative locals to protect these vital to maintain ecosystem balance natural resources. The Omega replica watches‘s current domestic price of 59,400 yuan public.

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